The end of control : le nouveau Blook de Gerd Leonhard Gerd Leonhard, célèbre auteur de "the futur of music" ouvre son Blook (contraction de blog + book) à partir d'aujourd'hui sous le titre : "The End of Control" La fin du contrôle? Le concept est de pouvoir lire chaque semaine un chapitre de son livre, sous licence CC-BY-NC-SA. "So why am I doing this? Despite the fact that my first book, "The Future of Music" (co-written with Berklee College's Dave Kusek) was quite successful and is still selling well (with translations into German, Italian, and Japanese), I have come to realize that the benefits of publishing a book in the traditional way are not as important to me as the benefits of publishing my work in a much faster, interactive, non-linear and multimedia form. While I have to admit that I still love 'real' books (and actually buy lots of them), I also love RSS feeds, email, and my Google Reader, and iGoogle and Netvibes. And I love my iPhone and my Motion Tablet PC. And still, there is nothing better than staying in bed and reading a nice book, so maybe one of these days you'll be able to get a printed copy of The End of Control, as well. The kind of information that I can get from an RSS feed (and believe me, my Google Reader is stuffed to the brim with 500+ feeds) is totally different than what I get from reading 'real' books, and I believe that both have their own merits. It's just that with "The End of Control" I think am much better off to instantly reach the RSS / eMail / iGoogle audience, right here, right now, through any means that they want to empoly. And this will, soon, include video as well. I guess I prefer ubiquity over scarcity, and I...

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